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Pikel Designs your Halifax Web Designer, brand strategist, digital strategist, who designes business professionals personal branding. This image is Shalisha Pikel, the founder of Pikel Designs. This image is found of the Meet The CEO page of the website

pikel designs

Founder: Shalisha Pikel

Halifax Web Design & Brand Strategist 

Based in Halifax, I'm a Graphic Designer with a burning passion for Branding Design and a knack for crafting standout websites. My journey in design is fueled by an intricate love for art and an unwavering attention to detail, propelling me to transform your vision into something truly remarkable. What drives me? The thrill of turning your ideas and business aspirations into tangible, successful outcomes. There's a unique joy in watching a project evolve from its inception, and it's this journey of creation and impact that motivates me every day. My dedication to excellence is what distinguishes me; for me, design isn't just a profession—it's my calling. Armed with extensive experience and a toolkit enriched by platforms like Semrush, Envato Elements, and Adobe Creative Cloud, I craft designs that not only surpass expectations but also eclipse the competition. From compelling brand identities to immersive websites, my aim is to deliver designs that are not only authentic but also impeccably refined and engaging. When you choose to collaborate with me, you are choosing a partner who understands the uniqueness of design. Let's work together to create visual representations that truly reflect your identity and captivate your audience.

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what can we help you with?

Clients aren’t just looking for an attractive design. They also need professional advice, patience, and understanding, plus a little care and acknowledgment. 

By asking the right client questions, establishing a common ground, and understanding their desires, you can better satisfy your client’s needs and provide an enjoyable experience that’s worth acquiring again in the future.

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